Becoming An Instrument Of Krishna

Becoming An Instrument Of Krishna



Srimad Bhagavatam, third Canto, ninth chapter ‘Brahma’s Prayers For Creative Energy’, text twenty seven – twenty eight.

athabhipretam anvikshya
brahmano madhusudanah
vishanna-cetasam tena
atmanah parikhidyatah
tam ahagadhaya vaca
kasmalam samayann iva

atha — thereupon; abhipretam — intention; anvikshya — observing; brahmanah — of Brahma; madhusudanah — the killer of the Madhu demon; vishanna — depressed; cetasam — of the heart; tena — by him; kalpa — millennium; vyatikara-ambhasa — devastating water; loka-samsthana — situation of the planetary system; vijnane — in the science; atmanah — of himself; parikhidyatah — sufficiently anxious; tam — unto him; aha — said; agadhaya — deeply thoughtful; vaca — by words; kasmalam — impurities; samayan — removing; iva — like that.

The Lord saw that Brahma was very anxious about the planning and construction of the different planetary systems and was depressed upon seeing the devastating water. He could understand the intention of Brahma, and thus He spoke in deep, thoughtful words, removing all the illusion that had arisen.

The devastating water was so fearful that even Brahma was perturbed at its appearance and became very anxious about how to situate the different planetary systems in outer space to accommodate the different kinds of living entities, such as the human beings, those lower than the human beings, and the superhuman beings. All the planets in the universe are situated according to the different grades of living entities under the influence of the modes of material nature. There are three modes of material nature, and when they are mixed with one another they become nine. When the nine are mixed they become eighty-one, and the eighty-one also become mixed, and thus we ultimately do not know how the delusion increases and increases. Lord Brahma had to accommodate different places and situations for the requisite bodies of the conditioned souls. The task was meant only for Brahma, and no one in the universe can even understand how difficult it was. But by the grace of the Lord, Brahma was able to execute the tremendous task so perfectly that everyone is amazed to see the workmanship of the vidhata, or the regulator.
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athabhipretam anvikshya
brahmano madhusudanah
vishanna-cetasam tena
atmanah parikhidyatah
tam ahagadhaya vaca
kasmalam samayann iva

The Lord saw that Brahma was very anxious about the planning and construction of the different planetary systems and was depressed upon seeing the devastating water. He could understand the intention of Brahma, and thus He spoke in deep, thoughtful words, removing all the illusion that had arisen.

So now we can see, like in the previous verse it was mentioned that, “Thus having prayed, he became silent, as if tired from his activities of penance, knowledge and mental concentration.” The question came up why, after performing penance and meditation and austerities and receiving knowledge also, why did Brahma appear to be tired? Actually in spiritual activities no one becomes tired. After spiritual activities one actually becomes enlivened. But here, after performing this penance and acquiring knowledge and then performing the meditation on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, why did Brahma become tired? That question came up yesterday after the class, that question naturally came up, why Brahma was tired. It was described that it appeared as if Brahma was tired but actually Brahma was not tired. Brahma was in deep anxiety, and we can understand why was the anxiety. The anxiety was not because he performed austerities and penances and meditation. Brahma’s anxiety was thinking about the enormous task that he had in front of him. And he saw this water of devastation. He is situated on a lotus. He is the first created being and that lotus was situated in the Garbha Ocean, and that water of the ocean is the water of devastation. So Brahma was wondering, actually it was not Garbha Ocean. At some point it has been described that the cavity of the navel of the Lord, that was where the lotus came from. So actually it was the water that was on the navel of the Lord, but that water is the water of devastation.
When, at the end of the kalpa, the creation is destroyed, generally there are two types of devastation. One devastation takes place with fire and another kind of devastation takes place with water. So this is the water of devastation which actually washes or floods everything away, submerges everything in the creation, and in this way everything is destroyed. So creation actually is in a way resting on that water. When the water overflows then everything is destroyed.

We can see our situation also in this planet. This planet is surrounded by the salt water ocean and if the water rises a few feet above the surface, what will happen? The creation will be annihilated practically. Actually annihilation is not a very difficult job for Rudra. Rudra, Lord Shiva, who is the personality in charge of destruction, he can destroy things in various ways. One way Lord Shiva destroys is he begins to dance. He just starts to dance and that is called the ‘Tandava Nritya’, the dance of destruction. And what actually happens? As he puts his feet down with the beat, with the rhythm of his damru, or his associates who are playing the music, the atoms and molecules begin to split. And as a result of that everything comes to nothing, everything is destroyed. So that is how the Lord can very easily destroy everything.

Actually, it is not surprising that everything is in order. Rather, it is not surprising that someday everything will be destroyed. But the surprising thing is that everything is being maintained in such a wonderful way. If we think about it then we will see that, that how wonderfully Krishna has organized everything. And Brahma is His assistant who is doing the secondary creation. He has done, Krishna as Vishnu, He has done, He started the creation. The first aspect of creation is that Maha-Vishnu lies in the Causal Ocean and the bubbles that are generated from His breathing, each bubble is an universe. That is the initial creation, the primary creation. The primary creation also has some other aspect, then He enters into each universe as Garbhodakasayi Vishnu and from His navel comes out a lotus and Brahma is situated on that lotus. Then Brahma is assigned with the secondary creation. And it has been described, what is the secondary creation? To create the planetary systems and provide bodies for different living entities and situate them in different planetary systems. There are different types of living entities according to the influence of the modes of material nature.
Prabhupada is pointing out here that three modes mix with three other modes. The three modes mix with each other, so nine, we get nine. Three multiplied by three is nine, the permutation. Is it permutation or combination? Whatever it is, three into three is nine. Then nine multiplied by nine, eighty one. Eighty one multiplied by eighty one, whatever it is, then that is multiplied by that number. In this way so many different types of combination actually takes place. So many types of combination take place according to the mixture of the modes. And as a result of that, different types of living entities develop their characteristics and accordingly they get different types of bodies. Like we know, in human society those who are influenced in the mode of goodness, what kind of body do they get? Those who are influenced by the mode of goodness, what kind of bodies do they get? The human beings who are in the mode of goodness? [devotee: brahmana] Brahmana body. Those who are influenced by the mode of passion, what kind of bodies do they get? Kshatriya. Do the bodies look alike? No. The brahmanas they have a specific type of body and the kshatriyas have another kind of a body due to the modes of material nature. Then there are individuals in the mixed mode of passion and ignorance, what kind of bodies do they get? They get the vaishya bodies. And those who are in the mode of ignorance they get the sudra bodies.

So in this way, in human society there are different individuals with different types of bodies. They are very, very distinct from each other. The brahmanas will be thin, those who are in the mode of goodness, because they’re into austerities and penances. Then the kshatriyas, what kind of bodies will they get? They’ll get a body with broad shoulder, narrow waist, strong arms and so forth. And the vaishyas, what kind of bodies they will get? They’ll get a body with… [laughter]. So it’s according to their nature, according to the influence of the modes, they get different types of bodies.
Like, even in the animals also we see that. Like, among the animals which animals are in the mode of goodness? Cows. We see the cows have one kind of body. There are some animals those who are in the mode of passion, like lions. They have another kind of body. Their bodies are very different from the bodies of the cows. Their nature is very different. The cow will eat a little grass and give milk. They take so little but give so much. And everything of a cow is beneficial, everything. Not only cow’s milk is beneficial, cow’s urine is beneficial, cow dung is beneficial, everything of a cow is beneficial. Wherever the cow is, wherever the cows are rather, that place becomes very auspicious.
Similarly lions, they have their specific nature. They are powerful, they are strong and a lion will take whatever he needs by his strength, by his power and then the lion also will give protection to the other animals. He is a king. The lion gives protection to the other animals. If some other powerful animal comes into his territory and causes disturbance to the other animals who are under his care, the lion will go and take care of it.

So this is how the characteristics develop according to the influence of the modes of nature and accordingly they get a body. Accordingly they get their bodies given by the material nature. The material nature means, who actually designs these bodies at the beginning? That was the job of Brahma. So at the beginning, do you remember, what actually happened with Brahma? He found himself, all by himself sitting on a lotus and there was this terrible water of Garbhodaka, water of devastation. And he began to wonder, “Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I supposed to do here?” And then Brahma tried in so many different ways to find out who he was. Even Brahma couldn’t figure out who he was and where he came from and what he was supposed to do. And then when he gave up his external endeavor and projected himself internally by the divine instruction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then Brahma’s self awareness began to dawn. Brahma began to realize who he was. He recognized himself as a part and parcel of [the Lord].
First of all, he was inspired by the Lord from within to meditate upon the Gayatri and as a result of chanting of the Gayatri the spiritual sky became manifest in front of him. Brahma could see the spiritual sky. That means Brahma was transported to the spiritual sky and as a result of that we get so many descriptions given by Brahma both in Srimad Bhagavatam and in scriptures like Brahma Samhita. Brahma Samhita is Brahma’s perception of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the spiritual sky and that description is Brahma Samhita. That’s why Brahma Samhita is such an important scripture for us. That one scripture explains everything. In that sense we can say that Brahma Samhita is the essence of Srimad Bhagavatam.

There are two scriptures. One is given by Sanatana Goswami; Brihad Bhagavatamrta. Srimad Bhagavatam had been elaborately explained, that is Brihad Bhagavatamrta. That’s a very important book, a very important scripture. By reading Brihad Bhagavatamrta, which has been presented in two sections, two parts, we get a very clear understanding of the spiritual sky as well as the material nature, different planetary systems of the material nature up to Goloka Vrindavana – the topmost region in the spiritual sky. Whereas Brahma Samhita also in short, in just thirty seven verses is explaining. I am sorry, twenty seven verses actually: twenty nine to fifty six. It is explaining everything.
If we understand Brahma Samhita, these prayers of Lord Brahma – that also is the fifth chapter of Brahma Samhita. The first part of Brahma Samhita, from one to twenty nine, twenty eight, is describing how Brahma actually got this spiritual awareness. And it also describes the creation, how the Supreme Personality of Godhead glances towards the material nature and as a result of His glance the material creation begins to become manifest. The material creation becomes manifest. And then it describes how the living entities come to this material nature through the glance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. How that glance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is Shambhu (Lord Shiva).
It is through the agency of Lord Shiva that the living entities come to the material nature. And that’s why Lord Shiva is the husband of Mahamaya (Durga), material nature. And then in the material nature there are so many exalted personalities. There is Lord Brahma. There is Maya. Who is Maya? There is a clear description. Who is Brahma? There is a very clear description. Who is Surya? There is a very clear description. Who is Ganesha? How is Ganesha executing his mission? Ganesha is removing all the impediments of the three worlds. Ganesha is removing the impediments of the three worlds. How is Ganesha able to do that? Why people worship Ganesha? People worship Ganesha because they pray to him, “Please remove all the impediments, remove all the difficulties.” Especially the vaishyas in India worship Ganesha because they want success, siddhi. So for everything, siddhi is given by Ganesha in this material nature. And why or how Ganesha is able to perform that duty? That has been described. Who is Indra? Who are the demigods? Who are the different incarnations? Even incarnations, what is their relationship with Krishna? Everything has been so systematically and so scientifically explained.
So in this way we can see that if the informations are properly received from a bona fide source, knowledge becomes very easily available. The informations are there and knowledge means to receive those informations, to collect those informations. And the informations are there. So Brahma Samhita is one very, very important book.

So in this way we can see that how Brahma achieved this ability to perform, and we are also seeing, Brahma, although he is the most powerful individual in this universe, even Brahma is afraid of seeing the water of devastation. And he is in anxiety, considering the enormous task that he has to execute. It is natural because a living entity, knowing his limitation, becomes concerned or becomes afraid of the enormous task that he has to execute. But then in the next few verses we will see how the Supreme Personality of Godhead reassured Brahma. “Don’t worry, Brahma. I will support you because are doing it on My behalf. I have assigned you with this responsibility, therefore I will empower you. I will get it done. You are only a medium. You are only My agent. You are only a puppet in My hands.”
Just as in the battle of Kurukshetra Krishna gave Arjuna that assurance, “Arjuna, I have done everything. You simply have to fight. All your enemies are killed. I have already killed them. So you just become My instrument and it will appear as if you are doing it, but actually through you I am doing it.” So that is the reassurance that a devotee receives from the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
In the final instruction of Bhagavad Gita the same thing has been pointed out what Brahma will be instructed, what Brahma will be assured of. Sarva dharman parityaja mama ekam sharanama vraja, mam ekam sharanam vraja, just surrender unto Me and I will get everything done. [Bg 18.66] That is the assurance that Krishna is giving time and time again, and He gave that assurance to Brahma. “Brahma, don’t worry! Don’t worry. I am there and you are My servant, you are My representative, you are My assistant, so why should you worry? You are My assistant but I will assist you in executing your job.” And that’s why devotees can venture into such inconceivable missions. They can undertake such inconceivable projects.

Like, we can consider, what is our mission? What is the task ahead of us as the followers of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? Spreading Krishna consciousness Movement all over the world in every town and village. That’s the task we all have. Now we may wonder  how it is going to happen? How it’s going to happen? The whole world is in such a difficult situation. No one is prepared to accept Krishna consciousness. Everyone is so degraded and practically everyone is so fallen. So how it’s going to happen? Like Prabhupada also expressed that same anxiety. When he was about to reach America, when he was in Boston pier, the ship stopped for a day and Prabhupada wrote a poem, that these people are completely submerged in the mode of passion and ignorance, how will they understand the words of Vasudeva (words of Krishna)?

rajas tamo gune era sabai acchanna
basudeb-katha ruci nahe se prasanna
[Markine Bhagavata Dharma, text three]

“How will they accept Vasudeva? And I do not know how it’s going to happen, but somehow or another You have brought me here. Therefore I can presume that You have some plan. You have some mission, You have some plan, You have some agenda. So please, use me to fulfill Your agenda. I am just a puppet in Your hand and please make me dance, make dance, make me dance. I have a very wonderful name, Bhaktivedanta, but I do not have bhakti but I have a big name. Bhakti nai beda nai, I do not have bhakti, I do not have knowledge.” Bhaktivedanta means, bhakti and vedanta, the end of the Vedic wisdom, Vedic knowledge. Veda means knowledge. “I have neither of these two; I do not have bhakti nor do I have veda or knowledge. Bhakti nai beda nai name khub daro, but I have a big name, Bhaktivedanta.” Prabhupada was so humble. “Bhaktivedanta” nam ebe sarthak kor, now please fulfill this name, Bhaktivedanta.
How did Srila Prabhupada go to America? Penniless practically, in a cargo ship. He didn’t go in a ship as such. He went in a cargo ship that carries goods, practically stops at every port to unload and load. It took him a month from Calcutta to New York. And he didn’t have any money, he didn’t know anybody. He didn’t know where he was going to stay. He didn’t know what he was going to eat. He didn’t even know whether he would get anything to eat there in America because those days  in America vegetarian food was unheard of. Nowadays the situation has changed considerably. That also is because of Srila Prabhupada’s mercy. But when Prabhupada went there, there was nothing, no vegetarian restaurant. Of course Prabhupada wouldn’t have gone to a restaurant but it was so difficult for Srila Prabhupada. Everything was so uncertain and so Prabhupada felt that concern, that how it’s going to happen? But Prabhupada had the confidence that, “Since You have brought me, You will do it. You will do it.” And all along, Prabhupada expressed that conviction, whenever people gave credit to Srila Prabhupada. Later on, within a few years time and Prabhupada spread the Movement all over the world, Prabhupada had thousands of disciples, Prabhupada had hundreds of temples and people gave credit to Srila Prabhupada. “Oh, Prabhupada, you have done such a wonderful thing. It was inconceivable.” And Prabhupada used to say, “No, I haven’t done anything. It is all my Guru Maharaja and Krishna who have done that, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and They simply gave me the credit. I haven’t done anything. They simply gave me the credit.” Even then the question is, why did They gave Prabhupada the credit? Yes, fine They have done it, but why did They give the credit to Srila Prabhupada? Because Prabhupada is a pure devotee who wanted to do this for Krishna. Krishna didn’t give the credit to anybody or everybody. Prabhupada [Krishna] gave the credit to a very specific person because he was credit worthy. And why he was credit worthy? Why Prabhupada was credit worthy? Because Prabhupada committed himself completely to this mission.

Forty four years before, when he first met Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura gave him one instruction that you spread this message of Krishna consciousness all over the world through English language. And that one meeting, he was a twenty six year old man, that one meeting, the instruction that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura gave, he just made that instruction his life and soul. A twenty six year old householder, very nice comfortably situated in a very nice job, he was the manager of a pharmaceutical company, and he gives up, he gives up his job, in order to fulfill the instruction of his spiritual master. And since then it was a forty four year struggle for Prabhupada. For forty four years Prabhupada just kept on pushing, so many failures, so many disappointments, Prabhupada didn’t give up. He just pushed on and on and on.
I had the good fortune of hearing this from Prabhupada’s own mouth. Prabhupada was saying that, “I had been trying to fulfill the instruction of my spiritual master from the time I met him.” And Prabhupada said that, “At that time I thought that by running my business I’ll make a lot of money, then I’ll go to the West and I’ll spread Krishna consciousness.” But it didn’t happen. Prabhupada’s business was not successful. He wanted to make a lot of money but he couldn’t make a lot of money with his business. And Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura actually pointed out to Prabhupada, he told him that, “You’re not successful in your business because you don’t love money enough. In order to make profit, in order to be successful in business you have to love money.” So, anyway, but finally Prabhupada was saying that finally when Krishna sent him, He sent him as a pauper. He didn’t have anything. And then everything happened. In this way Krishna made it clear that it is He who made all these arrangements. Krishna made all the arrangements.

So in this way Prabhupada’s life is such a wonderful example of what pure devotion actually means and what Krishna does to His pure devotee. A pure devotee has a dream to spread Krishna consciousness and Krishna fulfills that dream. Of course, not that everyone will have the same dream. Different individuals will have different kinds of dreams, but if the intention is pure Krishna will fulfill those dreams. And a pure devotee never takes any credit for himself. He never thinks that, “I have done that.” A pure devotee always knows that it is Krishna who has done everything. “Who am I do to anything?” That is the mood of a pure devotee. “What ability do I have?”
And Krishna uses His pure devotee to achieve something wonderful. And there are so many examples. Arjuna is one wonderful example. How could the Pandavas win that battle of Kurukshetra? It was impossible! Duryodhana was so confident of winning the battle, that he refused to give even – what to speak of a village, what to speak of five villages – he refused to give even a piece of land the size of the tip of the needle, because he was confident that he is going to win the battle. And it is natural, because these five brothers, what resources do they have? For twelve years they were in the forest away from everything. For one year they had to hide themselves incognito so that nobody could recognize them. And now after that, they came back. What are their resources? Whereas Duryodhana, he had been ruling over the entire earth planet for twelve, thirteen years. For thirteen years he had been ruling. He had been collecting his strength and on his side there are invincible warriors, like Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Kripa. Bhishma was immortal practically. Drona, nobody could defeat him. Karna, the greatest archer of that time, the greatest warrior of that time. Actually, in skill Karna was even better than Arjuna. And then he had the army which was far greater in number than the Pandava army. So he naturally thought, “How are these five individuals going to defeat me?” But he made a small mistake. Not a small mistake, he made a big blunder. That big blunder was that he failed to recognize who Krishna was.
At least with the Pandavas they had an army, they had trained soldiers, they had weapons. But with Ramachandra, when He came as Ramachandra, who did He have? As Ramachandra He had just some unarmed monkeys, not even civilized human beings, not even uncivilized human beings! They were just some monkeys, some animals, no weapon. And Ravana, he was so advanced that he was planning to make an arrangement to take everybody to the heavenly planet. Can you imagine? You speak of rocket, Ravana had arrangements that could take truckloads, trainloads of people to the heavenly planet! [laughter] His city, not the palace, the entire city of Lanka was made with gold. It was so opulent! He could fly in the sky. He could fight, hide himself behind the clouds and fight his son Indrajita. And on the opposite side, on Ramachandra’s side is what? Just some monkeys. No weapons, nothing. What was their weapon? Some uprooted trees and some stones. But at the end of the day, who won the battle? Why did they win the battle? Because Ramchandra was with them! So that is the advantage of being with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That’s the advantage of being an instrument in the hands of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The success is guaranteed. Victory is confirmed.

Thank you very much! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Gaura Premanande Hari Haribol!

Does anybody have any question?

Devotee: Guru Maharaja, first of all we have today a great number of devotees online.
BCS: What’s that?
Devotee: [inaudible] It could be fifty to hundred devotees are online.
BCS: Okay, thank you all the listeners! I hope the telecast was alright today. By the way, yesterday the problem was not with us, the problem was with the server. They had some difficulty. That’s why it was interrupted yesterday.

Devotee: The first question is from Guru Gauranga prabhu. When scientists create hybrid plants have they created a new life form? And why do [inaudible]descend on these new man made life forms?
BCS: Yeah. Well, hybrid actually means just modifying the seeds and germinate them in a certain way. It is the same as when they created the test tube baby. The scientists claimed, “Now we created life!” But did they really create life? They took the sperm from a man and they took the ovum of a mother and put it in the laboratory in a test tube and they made the sperm and ovum blend and then they replaced it in the womb of the mother and let it develop, right? Now that was called a test tube baby. As if they claimed they created life in the test tube. But the reality is, they took the sperm and the ovum from two living sources and they combined it. So the point is, for a spirit soul a certain arrangement was created to give rise to some special situation or they get a body.
So similarly hybrid, they are taking the seeds, say for example, hybrid seeds, they are taking the seeds from a plant, a living plant, a living source and they are modifying it by some chemical arrangements by putting some chemical or mechanical arrangements and they are making it produce something, that plant produces something in a certain way. So what is the credit? Did they create life? No, they never created life.
Similarly, the cloning, the whole world is thinking that the scientists have created life, but again, the same thing is that the source of life came from a living source. They didn’t create that. Like, we can throw back a challenge to the scientists. You create a seed, you create a grain of rice that we will plant. Don’t take it from anything, just combine your chemicals. Create a grain of rice, plant in the ground and let us see that a tree comes out of it. And not only the tree comes out of it, in that tree there will be flowers and fruits and in those fruits there will be seeds and you plant those trees and more trees will come out of it. And in those trees there will be more fruits and in each fruit there will be so many seeds and in those seeds there will be the trees. Create something like that, a simple thing like that: a grain of rice or a grain of wheat or a seed of an apple or a seed of a plant. You create something from your chemicals. That is our challenge: before you bluff, before you come out with all your bluffs, show something valid.
They are saying that they’ll create human beings. They will create man. They will create life. Why are we so confident that they will never be able to do that?  Because we know that behind life there is a spirit soul. Without spirit soul there cannot be life and the spirit souls cannot be created. Spirit souls come from the spiritual sky. And the activities of the spirit souls are wonderful. As a scientist you are doing so many wonderful things because you are a spirit soul! You are not just chemicals or you are not a robot. If you are a robot, okay, do something, but who created the robot? You! A living entity created the robot. A robot didn’t create a robot. Put two robots together and let’s see if they give birth to a third robot. It will never happen.

Devotee: He’s asking cross breeding [inaudible]
BCS: Okay, just like you put green, you put blue and yellow colors together and you got green. What happens when blue and yellow are mixed together? Green! When you put red and blue together you get purple. So similarly, it is just change of color, change of shape. It’s a hybrid. But the thing is, the question actually is, where did the seeds come from? Where did the seed of an apple and the seed of a pear, did the seeds come from the laboratories or the factories? No, you have taken these living seeds or the source of life and put it in a certain condition and you got, as you said, a new species. Yes, a new species is born.

Devotee: This is the second question, again from Guru Gauranga prabhu. Sometimes we try to reduce sleeping. Is it alright to change the sleep pattern?
BCS: Sometimes we?
Devotee: We try to reduce sleeping.
BCS: Reduce sleeping. Let it happen naturally, like, as you develop your devotion, as you develop your spiritual qualities. The spirit soul doesn’t need to sleep. The body needs to sleep. So as you develop your spiritual qualities it will happen naturally. You’ll need less and less sleep and ultimately you’ll become a gudakesha, the conqueror of sleep like Arjuna. But there is no need to do it artificially. As long as you have the body, the body has its needs. And, you know, some bodies will need to sleep for eight hours and some body will need to sleep for six hours and some body will need to sleep for twenty four hours! [laughter] So just eat and sleep according to the need of the body to maintain the body and soul together.
But one thing I noticed, Guru Gauranga, you have reduced your sleep considerably. Whenever I call you, it may be at the dead of the night, but you are there to answer the call. So it shows that you are making some spiritual advancement. [laughter]

Devotee: The next question from Deepak prabhu. He is from Pune. This cosmic creation is all matter and matter in itself has no potency to increase or decrease unless and until it is touched by a spirit internally or externally. When touched by spirit the matter increases to the required size and shape. So his question is, when the size of the matter and the spirit being define (?) then how is the size and shape of some matter transformed into an ant and some matter is transformed into an elephant?
BCS: Yeah, as you mentioned yourself, Deepak, it is due to the touch of the soul. And the body, as you said, the body of an ant and the body of an elephant, ultimately these gross bodies are rewarded by the material nature, by the arrangement of nature. And that shape also is not whimsically given. That shape is according to the shape of the subtle body. Some soul has developed the subtle body of an ant, therefore he is rewarded a gross body of an ant. Some souls, some spirit souls have developed the subtle body of an elephant and nature rewards him the body of an elephant. That is, that spirit soul in that specific subtle body that is akin to the subtle body of an elephant, is taken and placed in the womb of an elephant mother, mother elephant. And there he develops a body and then when the body is complete, he comes out of the mother’s womb and the soul now has the command of this body.
Does it answer your question, Deepak?

Devotee: Next question is from Hrishikesha prabhu. Should devotees become the ruler of this world to effectively spread Krishna consciousness in every town and village?
BCS: Well, ultimately of course it will happen by Krishna’s divine arrangement, but, yes, eventually when Krishna consciousness spreads all over the world, in every town and village, we have to presume that the governments also have become Krishna conscious there, because without the government being Krishna conscious such a massive task cannot be accomplished. So the government has to change, the government has to become Krishna conscious to effectively establish Krishna consciousness all over the world in every town and village. When that will happen? Well, we don’t know but Krishna can make anything happen and Krishna will make it happen.

Devotee: The next question is from Mukunda Dasa prabhu. Guru Maharaja, the water of devastation is from Lord Vishnu, but Lord Shiva does the devastation.
BCS: Yeah, even what Lord Shiva destroys is also from Lord Vishnu. This nature that is created is also by Vishnu, but it is by Vishnu’s arrangement that Shiva destroys. Like, for example, you may be the owner of the house and when the house is dilapidated and you are planning to build a new house, what do you do? You call the demolition company and they start to demolish it.  It is your house, because they are demolishing it doesn’t mean that it is your, so the equipment that they are using, that also may belong to you, but they’re just the doer. So similarly, Lord Shiva is destroying. Everything belongs to Lord Krishna. Even the water of devastation belongs to Krishna but Lord Shiva uses that water to destroy the universe.

Devotee: One next question I think I note from Guru Gauranga prabhu. His question was why the soul needs all these new species?
BCS:  Why the soul needs? Because some very, very adamant scientists decided to create some problem for Him. That’s why they come in such a situation which is not actually Krishna’s arrangement and maybe in the previous life, those souls who were scientists were extremely adamant to create, so Krishna gave them an opportunity. [laughter] “Okay, you become the species yourself. You are so adamant in creating something in total defiance of My arrangement. So now you go and enter into that species and see how it feels like.”
Okay, yes, Amala Bhakta?

Devotee: Guru Maharaja, Prabhupada mentioned in his purport manushya, tiryak and deva.  My question is, what is the meaning of tiryak?
BCS: Did Prabhupada say tiryak?
Devotee: Yeah, Bengali.
BCS: Why you are saying Bengali? That was my translation. [laughter] Actually the word Prabhupada used is sub-human, human below human and super human. Tiryak means the species below human beings, alright? These are the three categories: tiryak, manushya and deva. Yes?
You should not read the Bengali book in the class. When you are attending the class, listen to the English one, right? Because another purpose of this class is that everybody learns English or gets some facility to improve their English, isn’t it? In order to learn English, what do you have to do? You have to read in English, you have to write in English, you have to think in English, you have to even dream in English. So that means become completely absorbed in that language, then only you will be able to learn English properly. So not only think, but even dream in English. And of course, I forgot another factor, speak in English.

Devotee: Maharaja, when the knowledge is pure, let us consider it as the pure water and the mind is like ink. So when the pure water comes to us, why we put a drop of ink in it and then try to understand it?
BCS: Is every knowledge pure? No.
Devotee: Spiritual knowledge.
BCS: Yeah, spiritual knowledge is pure. But when, as you said, drinking, I mean, mixing of ink in that pure water, that happens when the living entity comes in contact with the material nature. Then his knowledge becomes impure or contaminated. That contamination takes place through his identifying himself as the controller. Then he doesn’t see things in the light of being a servant but he sees things in the light of being a controller. So that is the impure knowledge, which is generating from false ego. “I am the controller.”
Now this is not only the ink, this is the dark blue glass, dark black glass, through which the light – which was pure light – is being projected. When the light is projected through some colored glass what color will it take? What color will it take? A light is projected through red glass, what will be the color of the light? Red. So because we are projecting our consciousness through our false ego and trying to enjoy this material nature and control this material nature that knowledge is impure, alright?

Devotee: One more question.
BCS: Yes?
Devotee: How can we surrender ourselves in the true sense?
BCS: How can you surrender yourself?
Devotee: Ourself, in the true sense?
BCS: In the true sense. By recognizing how incompetent you are and how great the other person is. When you see that you have nothing and the other person has everything, and you know that that other person is your well-wisher, so if you go to him and surrender then he will give you everything. To begin with we have nothing, so why not surrender and get everything? So when that understanding becomes confirmed then only the surrender becomes genuine. But the problem is we are not thinking that we have nothing. We are thinking we have so much. We are thinking that we are so capable. We are thinking that we are so competent.

Devotee: Last few questions, Guru Maharaja. This is a question from somebody who uses the name De Luca, and his question is, what point does the soul enter the body?
BCS: AT what point does the soul enters the body. The soul in a dormant state enters in the body of the father through food. That is how the soul enters into the body. Through the food it enters into the body of the father, or the father of that species and then it goes through that process of getting the body in the womb of a mother. So first it is entering into the father’s body. From the father’s body it is transmitted into the mother’s body, mother’s womb, and in the mother’s womb actually it is developing the body. But the process of entering into the mother’s womb is through the father. So that is how the soul achieves the body in different species of life.

Devotee: Jayesh prabhu is saying, so from today’s class it is clear that it is the attitude of the devotee to serve Krishna that is actually required, not the individual capability, because Krishna will make him capable for that service. Is that right?
BCS: Yes, Krishna will make him capable for the service, but the devotee has also to prepare himself to execute the service and endeavor to render that service. Like if the devotee says, “Okay, I’ll depend upon Krishna and sit there, without doing anything”, then Krishna will say, “Okay, keep sitting.” [laughter] But those who goes out and tries to do something for Krishna, Krishna makes him do something, Krishna makes him achieve something. That is the difference. Like, see so many devotees have been thinking, “Oh, let Krishna consciousness spread all over the world.” But they are sitting in their ashramas, right? But Prabhupada went out to make it happen and as a result of that Krishna made it happen through him.

Devotee: The next question is from Krishna Dasa prabhu. What is the Vedic perspective on the different human races?
BCS: What’s the Vedic perspective of different human races? Yeah, as there are different types of bodies, according to their characteristics and their nature there are different types of bodies, but one thing we have to also understand that in the age of Kali the races are not there, the races are not according to the body. Practically everyone belongs to the same race in the age of Kali and that’s why everybody becomes eligible to achieve Krishna consciousness. That’s the wonderful facility or prerogative of the age of Kali.

Devotee: One inquiry from Sharanagati mataji. She is asking how many days will Guru Maharaja be in Ujjain giving classes. I would like to invite some newguests to this class.
BCS: Sharanagati, it’s what? Eleven thirty your time now? So do you think it will be good to invite your guests at a time like this? Rather,
Devotee: She wants to invite for the broadcast.
BCS: Yeah, I see. No, that’s what I mean, like they’re in New York. Now it’s eleven thirty at night. No, ten thirty. Anyway, Sharanagati, the point is I’ll be here most probably until the twenty third or twenty fourth of this month. I am here and I’ll give the classes practically every day I think for these next few days.
Thank you! Any other question?

Hare Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Gaura Premanande Hari Haribol!