Always Side With Krishna And Win

Always Side With Krishna And Win


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Transcription : Her Grace Ranga Radhika Dasi   
Editing : Ramananda Raya Dasa 

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Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Srimad Bhagavatam, third Canto, chapter, text eleven, twelve and thirteen. Text eleven and twelve don’t have any purport, so text thirteen has been written on the board.

[Text eleven:]
ajata-satroh pratiyaccha dayam
titikshato durvishaham tavagah
sahanujo yatra vrikodarahih
svasan rusha yat tvam alam bibheshi
[Vidura said:] You must now return the legitimate share to Yudhishthira, who has no enemies and who has been forbearing through untold sufferings due to your offenses. He is waiting with his younger brothers, among who is the revengeful Bhima, breathing heavily like a snake. Surely you are afraid of him. Which verse was done yesterday? [Devotees: eleven and twelve] Eleven and twelve. Oh, I see, twelve has a purport. Okay, since I am reading I’ll just read it through for my benefit.
[Text twelve:]
parthams tu devo bhagavan mukundo
grihitavan sakshiti-deva-devah
aste sva-puryam yadu-deva-devo
Lord Krishna, the Personality of Godhead, has accepted the sons of Pritha as His kinsmen, and all the kings of the world are with Lord Sri Krishna. He is present in His home with all His family members, the kings and princes of the Yadu dynasty, who have conquered an unlimited number of rulers, and He is their Lord.
[Text thirteen:]
sa esha doshah purusha-dvid aste
grihan pravishto yam apatya-matya
pushnasi krishnad vimukho gata-sris
tyajasv asaivam kula-kausalaya
sah — he; eshah — this; doshah — offense personified; purusha-dvit — envious of Lord Krishna; aste — exists; grihan — household; pravishtah — entered; yam — whom; apatya-matya — thinking to be your son; pushnasi — maintaining; krishnat — from Krishna; vimukhah — in opposition; gata-srih — devoid of everything auspicious; tyaja — give up; asu — as soon as possible; asaivam — inauspicious; kula — family; kausalaya — for the sake of.
You are maintaining offense personified, Duryodhana, as your infallible son, but he is envious of Lord Krishna. And because you are thus maintaining a non-devotee of Krishna, you are devoid of all auspicious qualities. Relieve yourself of this ill fortune as soon as possible and do good to the whole family!

A good son is called apatya, one who does not allow his father to fall down. The son can protect the father’s soul when the father is dead by offering sacrifices to please the Supreme Lord, Vishnu. This system is still prevalent in India. After the death of his father, a son goes to offer sacrifices at the lotus feet of Vishnu at Gaya and thus delivers the father’s soul if the father is fallen. But if the son is already an enemy of Vishnu, how, in such an inimical mood, can he offer sacrifice unto Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet? Lord Krishna is directly the Personality of Godhead, Vishnu, and Duryodhana was inimical to Him. He would therefore be unable to protect his father, Dhrtarashtra, after his death. He himself was to fall down because of his faithlessness towards Vishnu. How, then, could he protect his father? Vidura advised Dhrtarashtra to get rid of such an unworthy son as Duryodhana as soon as possible if he was at all anxious to see to the good of his family.
According to the moral instructions of Canakya Pandita, “What is the use of a son who is neither a learned man nor a devotee of the Lord?” If a son is not a devotee of the Supreme Lord, he is just like blind eyes – a source of trouble. A physician may sometimes advise the extrication of such useless eyes from their sockets so that one can be relieved of the constant trouble. Duryodhana was exactly like blind, troubling eyes; he would be a source of great trouble to the family of Dhrtarashtra, as foreseen by Vidura. Vidura therefore rightly advised his eldest brother to get rid of this source of trouble. Dhrtarashtra was wrongly maintaining such personified offense under the mistaken impression that Duryodhana was a good son, able to liberate his father.
[End of Purport]

So, Dhrtarashtra became very worried when his messenger came back from Yudhisthira Maharaja. Dhrtarashtra actually made an absolutely unreasonable proposal to Yudhisthira Maharaja. Yudhisthira Maharaja was very humble, very submissive, very honest and because of his honesty he actually suffered. Unscrupulous people like Duryodhana took advantage of him in so many ways. He tried to kill them, he tried to burn them in a house of shellac and then finally he arranged to put them in an exile for twelve years. These are some very, very heinous activities.

The sastra actually says that some people can be killed and that would not involve any sin, and one of those sins is that if somebody puts fire in his house. If somebody tries to burn him, if somebody burns his house, then he can be killed. Especially for a kshatriya, their business is killing. Kshatriyas are expert in killing but at the same time a kshatriya would see what are the justified reasons to kill somebody. And because Duryodhana set their house on fire they were eligible to kill Duryodhana, but they didn’t do that. Yudhisthira Maharaja was so generous that he accepted it as his misfortune. Okay, it happened. They tried to kill us, so what do?
Another reason one can kill somebody is if somebody insults one’s wife. He can be killed. If somebody violates one’s wife, that person can be killed. And they did that. They publicly insulted Draupadi in the royal assembly. That was another reason why the Pandavas could have killed Duryodhana.

[Altar curtains close] Jaya Sri Sri Krishna Balarama ki jaya! Jaya Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohana ki jaya! Jaya Sri Sri Gaura Nitai ki jaya!

But what to speak of killing, when the Pandavas were sent into exile by the treacherous Duryodhana’s very, very heinous arrangement, at that time they simply accepted that as their misfortune. And at that time the Gandharva king attacked Duryodhana with his army. Duryodhana went there with his entire army. Not only his entire army, he took his whole entourage. The Kauravas took their wives, they took the dancing girls, they took the musicians, just they simply wanted to harass the Pandavas who were in exile in the forest. They wanted to go and show them their opulence and try to create envy in their hearts. But when they were coming to the forest, Dvaita Vana, then Duryodhana and his army got attacked by the Gandharvas. The Gandharvas were so powerful that Karna with his army was defeated and Karna ran away. And Duryodhana along with his brothers was taken into captivity, along with their wives. And at that time some of the soldiers who could escape they went and reported to Yudhisthira Maharaja that, “Look, Duryodhana has been taken into captivity by the Gandharvas.” So what to speak of killing his enemy who tried to… Another reason one can kill is if somebody gives poison. If somebody gives poison, if somebody sets house on fire, if somebody violates one’s wife, these persons can be killed. But Yudhisthira Maharaja, he told Bhima and Arjuna, “Just go and rescue them.”

Bhima was always burning with anger. When they were in exile Bhima sometimes would get into a big fight with Yudhisthira Maharaja and accuse him, “It is because of you that we are in this condition!” But at the same time Bhima is very submissive to his elder brother, although he would accuse him. But at the same time he would just accept: okay, my brother said it, so I must follow. So Yudhisthira Maharaja then advised. Bhima and Arjuna were happy that they got a final lesson. They have been captured by the Gandharvas and they will take them to Gandharvaloka and keep them in prison. But Yudhisthira Maharaja said, “No, you go. It will be disgrace to our family. After all, they are our family members. When they are put into captivity it will be a disgrace to the Kuru dynasty, Kuru family. If their wives, the queens are insulted and violated, that will be a disgrace to our family. So, go and rescue them.” So this is how generous Yudhisthira Maharaja was.

But Dhrtarashtra sent his messenger, and who was the messenger? The messenger was Sanjaya himself, his secretary. Sanjaya didn’t like it but because his master told him to go he went and made that proposal. The proposal was: “Yudhisthira, you have been so nice. At that time, in the assembly, when they treacherously defeated you in the game of dice and insulted Draupadi, you could have gotten into a war with my sons but you didn’t do that. You tolerated that. You tolerated them time and time again. You have forgiven them for all their sins, all their insults and all their mischief. So please continue to tolerate them. [laughs] Please continue to tolerate them and let them enjoy the kingdom and you stay in the forest. After all, this is just one life. What is the loss?” So, so shamelessly Dhrtarashtra actually sent this message. By that time everyone was there. Krishna was there. They all came because the war was inevitable. The war was imminent. So there was no way the war could have been avoided. So that’s why they came. Krishna came with His Yadus. Satyaki came with his soldiers. Then Drupada came with Dristadyumna and Shikhandi. And Virata came with his army. In this way they were all there, and Sanjaya came to carry this message and they were just burning with anger when they heard this.

At that time it became quite clear that in this battle, no matter how powerful Duryodhana thinks himself to, in this battle he is going to lose. He is going to lose the battle. And a thing that had been pointed out that, “Look, these are the soldiers, these are the warriors on our side. And you consider, you are thinking that Bhishma is so powerful that you will win with Bhishma’s strength, but look, here is Shikhandi. Shikhandi has appeared to kill Bhishma, so Bhishma has been destined to die by Shikhandi. And here is Dristadyumna, who appeared from the sacrificial fire to kill Drona. And here are all the other soldiers. Look at all these warriors with their soldiers. You are thinking that you will win with the strength of Karna but Karna is completely insignificant in front of Arjuna, and now that Krishna has become Arjuna’s charioteer what chance does your Karna stand? Karna will be killed.”

In this way Sanjaya was informed that, “Look, this war Duryodhana is not going to win. And on top of everything so many times Duryodhana has been defeated by Arjuna. His whole army has been defeated, and remember that when the Gandharvas defeated Duryodhana and his army along with Karna, then who actually saved them from the Gandharvas? It is Arjuna. So you think that you have any chance of winning this battle? So many times you have already been defeated, without this army, without the support of Virata, without the support of Drupada, without the support of Satyaki, without the support of so many other kings. So what is your possibility of winning this battle?”

And then two more important points have also been pointed out that, “Look, everybody knows that Yudhisthira Maharaja is dharma personified and Duryodhana is sin personified, adharma personified. So victory will be where dharma is. Ultimately victory will be where dharma is, so how can you hope, how can you expect that Duryodhana is going to win? And on top of everything when Krishna is siding with the Pandavas, what is your chance of winning this battle?” So the ultimate consideration of victory is Krishna. You side with Krishna, you will win. Time and time again that has been pointed out. Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksa were so powerful but Varahadeva killed Hiranyaksa. Hiranyakasipu became almost immortal. The Lord came as Narasimhadeva and killed him. Ravana was so powerful but Ramacandra killed him. Just with a bunch of monkeys He defeated Ravana. So it has been pointed out that wherever there is Vishnu, wherever there is Krishna, there is bound to be victory. So how do you expect to win?

Sanjaya also didn’t like to go as Dhrtarashtra’s messenger to the court of the Pandavas. When he came back he just told Dhrtarashtra that, “You make me sick! I didn’t like to go. I didn’t want to go but because you asked me I had to go because I am duty bound. But look, what are you? You are just supporting adharma personified. So why are you getting into this war? Rather get rid of your son or the whole family will be destroyed. The writing is on the wall. Nothing can change the situation.” And he didn’t tell him what Yudhisthira Maharaja said. He said, “I’ll tell that to the assembly. Please allow me to go home now.” Saying that Sanjaya left, and when Sanjaya left Dhrtarashtra became very, very worried. He became very worried so he called for Vidura. And then Vidura came and Dhrtarashtra told him that, “Vidura, you are my only friend. You are my only well wisher, so please tell me, what should I do? I can’t sleep. Please tell me how can I get some sleep?”

Then Vidura informed how five kinds of people cannot sleep. One who is lusting after somebody else’s wife, he cannot sleep. One who is impious he cannot sleep. One who expects ill of others he cannot sleep. A thief cannot sleep. One who has lost his wealth or about to lose his wealth cannot sleep. In this way he gave five reasons why one cannot sleep. And he said that, “Anyway, you are not guilty of any of these five, so why shouldn’t you able to sleep? Go to sleep!” And Dhrtarashtra was used to the insults of Vidura, sarcasms of Vidura. Vidura told him so many times. So Vidura told that, “Look, give the kingdom back. Give the kingdom back and you will feel so peaceful. You’ll sleep like an innocent child.”

And here also Vidura is now saying, telling him, telling Dhrtarashtra that, “You are maintaining offense personified, Duryodhana.” [translation SB 3.1.13] Duryodhana is offence personified. Doshah purusha-dvid aste. Esa doshah, offence personified, and he is also purusha-dvid aste, he is envious of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna. Parama Purusha Krishna. He is envious of Krishna. “And because you are thus maintaining a non-devotee of Krishna, you are devoid of all auspicious qualities.”

Because you are supporting Duryodhana who is envious of Krishna you lost all good qualities, devoid of all auspicious qualities. “Relieve yourself of this ill fortune as soon as possible and do good to the whole family!” In this way just get rid of Duryodhana. Actually, from the time Duryodhana was born Vidura had been telling Dhrtarashtra. When he was born there were inauspicious signs, and seeing the signs he told that, “Look, get rid of this one child of yours. It is just one child. You will have ninety nine other children, ninety nine other sons.” But Dhrtarashtra didn’t listen so that’s what Vidura pointed out also, he said, “You are saying that you can’t sleep now? You actually couldn’t sleep since the time the Pandavas came. The sages from Badarika Ashrama brought these five children of Pandu to the royal court. From that time you couldn’t sleep. You became envious of them. You have been in such anxiety. You are so blind! You are not only blind due to your eyes, you are blind internally also. You are spiritually blind. You couldn’t see where dharma is. Rather you sided with adharma and the result is your miserable condition. Your heart is constantly burning with envy.” So in this way Vidura gave the good advice to Dhrtarashtra, but did Dhrtarashtra listen to the advice of Vidura? No. And the result was the battle of Kurukshetra was inevitable.

So, in this way from the scriptures we learn some lessons. What lesson do we learn? The most important lesson that we learn is always side with Krishna and never go against Krishna. Become a devotee of Krishna, always side with Krishna. If somebody is going against Krishna never support him, never side with him. Because if you side with Krishna, then all auspiciousness will be there. If you don’t side with Krishna, rather you side with those who are envious of Krishna then no matter how opulent you are you will lose all your good fortune. You’ll lose all your wealth. You’ll lose everything.

We can see, Ravana went against Ramacandra and what was the result of that? He lost everything, although he was so powerful, although he had such opulence. Lanka, Ravana’s capital, was made of solid gold! It was made of gold. Like the houses were made of gold, and not just gold plating, gold leaving. They were made with bricks of gold. They were plastered with gold. Can you imagine how opulent he must have been? But he lost everything. One after another he lost his brothers. He lost his brother very dear to him, he lost. His sons, he lost one after another. Everyone who was dear to him he lost, and then finally he was killed. All these powerful demons, Kamsa and his followers, although so powerful but what happened? All his accomplices, all his associates were killed one after another and then finally Kamsa was killed. Now do you want a destiny like that? Lose everything and become miserable? No. So if we do not want such a misfortune, what should we do? We should follow one simple policy: always side with Krishna and never go against Him. You’ll always become fortunate. It’s a very simple lesson. Or will you leave Krishna and go away? How many of you want to side with Krishna? Raise your hands. Okay, very good. How many of you didn’t understand what I said? [laughter] Raise your hand. Don’t feel shy.

[Altar curtains open] Jaya Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohana ki jaya! Jaya Sri Sri Krishna Balarama ki jaya! Jaya Sri Sri Gaura Nitai ki jaya! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!
[Maharaja explains the background of the verse and points of the class in Bengali language]

Thank you! Hare Krishna!

Does anybody have any question?
Yes, Nitai Candra? Get the mike, or you can say. Okay, he is bringing the mike.

Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS: Yeah, right. I could remember only three. Do you remember the other three?

Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS: Yeah, right. I mentioned three: one who gives poison, one who sets house on fire, one who violates one’s wife.

Devotee: one who captures one’s land.
BCS: That is kingdom. One who takes away the kingdom. You said, attacks with the weapon. And what’s the fifth one, sixth one? Anyway, we found five. Good. Yeah, there are six.

Devotee: It is said that the Kauravas were more in number.
BCS: Yeah, in total there were eighteen akshauhinis. The Pandavas had seven. They had eleven, the Kauravas had eleven akshauhinis, so almost double the strength. But still, the Pandavas won because Krishna alone, what to speak of eleven, Krishna alone is good enough for eleven zillion akshauhinis.

Devotee: [inaudible]
BCS: Because that shows that Arjuna was empowered by Krishna so when Krishna left all the power was gone. Of course another thing is that empowerment, here also we can see, how does that empowerment take place? It takes place out of love. His deep love for Krishna, deep dependence on Krishna actually empowered him. But when Krishna left Arjuna felt as if he lost his connection to Krishna and as a result of that he felt that he doesn’t have any more power left.

Devotee: [paraphrased] Why couldn’t Dhrtarashtra give up his attachment to the kingdom despite the good advice of Vidura who was also a devotee of the Lord and with whom he was related also?
BCS: He could not give up his attachment: Maya! That’s what Maya is. Although the good advices are there, but one can’t accept the good advices and act accordingly. And the advantage of good association, devotee association, is that although all his life he did not listen to Vidura but at the end of his life when he listened to Vidura, his life became successful. So even though you may go against devotees all your life, but at least at the final moment surrender yourself to the devotees. That’s the lesson we get.
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Okay, thank you very much. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!